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Tests a condition and performs your instructions only if the condition is true.


<If condition arguments>


<If variable Is value>


<If variable IsNot value>


Condition and arguments can be one of the following.

ActiveWinIs Name ActiveWinIsNot Name HotkeysAreOn HotkeysAreOff WinExists Name WinDoesNotExist Name MouseIsOverWindow Name MouseIsNotOverWindow Name MouseIsOverWindowRect Name PosX PosY Width Height MouseIsNotOverWindowRect Name PosX PosY Width Height MouseIsOverScreenRect PosX PosY Width Height MouseIsNotOverScreenRect PosX PosY Width Height WinPosIs Name PosX PosY WinPosIsNot Name PosX PosY WinSizeIs Name Width Height WinSizeIsNot Name Width Height WinRectIs Name PosX PosY Width Height WinRectIsNot Name PosX PosY Width Height

Name is the name of a window. As always with HotkeyNet, window names are case-sensitive. You can truncate window names if “Partial match” is checked on the Settings Panel.

Variable is the name of a variable that has been created with SetVar.

Value is the value of a variable that has been set with SetVar.

PosX and PosY are the x and y-coordinates of the upper left corner of a rectangle. If the rectangle is relative to a window, it’s specified in client pixels; if relative to the screen, in screen pixels.

Width and Height are dimensions of a rectangle in pixels.

Mouse stuff

Instead of using conditions like MouseIsOverWindowRect, it may be more convenient to create buttons.


The condition is tested only on the local PC (the one where you press the hotkey).

If-blocks always nest inside Toggle-blocks. You can see how HotkeyNet interprets nesting of your definitions by pressing “Show loaded hotkeys.”

It isn’t necessary to write EndIf unless you want to add instructions that should always execute after an If-block, like in the second example below.


If-blocks cannot be used in commands. If you If you need to put If-blocks inside a subroutine, make a hotkey that will be used as a subroutine and call it with DoHotkey.

If-blocks cannot nest inside other If-blocks. You can work around this limitation by putting the controlled block of the outer If-statement in a separate hotkey and calling that hotkey with DoHotkey.


<Hotkey F1>
    <If ActiveWinIs wow1>
        <SendLabel w1>
        <Key 1>
    <Else If ActiveWinIs wow2>
        <Sendlabel w2>
        <Key 2>
        <Key %Trigger%>

The following example shows a case where EndIf is needed:

<Hotkey F1>
    <If ActiveWinIs wow1>
        <SendLabel w1>
        <Key 1>
    <Text burp>

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Else EndIf