Creates a mailing label.


<Label name ip sendmode [window]>


Name is the name you’ll use to refer to this label.

IP is “local” or an IP address.

Sendmode is SendWin, SendFocusWin, SendWinM, SendWinMF, SendWinS, or SendWinSF.

Window is the name of the target window. This parameter should be omitted when Sendmode is SendFocusWin; otherwise it is required. This parameter is case-sensitive like all window names in HotkeyNet.


Labels are used with SendLabel.


The following example creates a hotkey that sends a keystroke to both Joe and Sam:

<Label joe Local SendWin Game1>
<Label sam SendWin Game2>

<Hotkey F1>
   <SendLabel sam, joe>
      <Key %Trigger%>

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