16. Templates

注: 由于 hotkeynet Python 项目能直接生成 Template 代码, 代码复用能力比原生 Template 更强大, Template 就没有存在的必要了.

Templates are chunks of text that get copied in a script. HotkeyNet makes the copies with macro substitutions so each copy is different from the others. Here’s an example.

Suppose you want to create two hotkeys that have only a few differences which are shown in red:

<Hotkey F1>
   <ToggleWin X Y>

<Hotkey F2>
   <ToggleWin W Z>

Instead of typing the hotkey twice you could make a template:

<Template MyTemplate>
   <Hotkey %1%>
      <ToggleWin %2% %3%>

Now create each of the two hotkeys with a single line:

<ApplyTemplate MyTemplate F1 X Y>
<ApplyTemplate MyTemplate F2 W Z>

To see the results of your copying, press Show Loaded Hotkeys on HotkeyNet’s main window.