Sends keystrokes to the window that has the focus.






SendFocusWin sends keystrokes to the window that has the focus. That’s the window that would receive keystrokes if you typed at the keyboard.

SendFocusWin can be used to to imitate a key broadcasting program. This is shown in the second example below.

The following two lines are equivalent:

<SetSendMode SendInput NoTarget>

SendFocusWin uses the same send method as SendWin. The only difference between them is that SendWin brings a specified window to the foreground before it types keystrokes. SendFocusWin does not.

SendFocusWin 和 SendWin 的区别是, SendWin 会把指定窗口带到最前面, 而 SendFocusWin 不会, 因为它不接受 Label 作为参数, 已经是把动作发送到最前面的窗口了, 没有必要 “带到最前面”.


The following hotkey types “Happy birthday to you!” into the window that has the focus:

<Hotkey F1 >
    <SendPC local>
       <Text Happy birthday to you!>

The following hotkey passes the trigger key “G” to the window that has the focus. (You can also use PassThrough for this purpose):

<Hotkey G>
    <SendPC local>
       <Key G>

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