Assigns a hotkey to a button so you can trigger the hotkey by left-clicking the button.


<SetButtonHotkey button hotkey>


  • Button is the name of the button.

  • Hotkey is the name of the hotkey.


  • You can assign one “down” hotkey and one “up” hotkey to a button.

  • A button can trigger hotkeys or a command but not both.

  • The name of the hotkey includes the keyword (Hotkey, HotkeyUp, or MovementHotkey) all modifiers including lock states (NumLock, ScrollLock, and CapsLock), and the main trigger key.

See the examples below.


<SetButtonHotkey Button1 Hotkey F1>
<SetButtonHotkey Button2 MovementHotkey W>
<SetButtonHotkey Button3 Hotkey ScrollLockOn F7>
<SetButtonHotkey Button4 Hotkey LAlt RShift X>

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