This command is new in build 192

Makes a panel automatically arrange the locations and sizes of its buttons according to your instructions.


<SetPanelLayout Panel RowLength Margin [ButtonWidth ButtonHeight]>

# or

<SetPanelLayout off>


  • Panel is the name of the panel.

  • RowLength is the maximum number of buttons in a row (counting from left to right). You can specify a number or the word SingleRow.

  • Margin is the amount of white space, in pixels, between buttons.

  • ButtonWidth is the width of each button. This argument is optional.

  • ButtonHeight is the height of each button. This argument is optional.

  • Off is the word off. This makes the panel stop rearranging itself.


Once you use this command for a particular panel, that panel will keep arranging itself automatically every time you add or remove a button.

If you omit ButtonWidth and ButtonHeight, the program doesn’t change the sizes of buttons.


This hotkey…

<Hotkey F1>

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