Creates one or more movement hotkeys that can be used for movement in games.


<MovementHotkey [mods] mainlist [; [mods] mainlist...]>


Same as Hotkey.


Only the following keywords can be used in a MovementHotkey definition:

If you need to make a hold down hotkey that is more complicated than this, you can do it with Hotkey and HotkeyUp. For more information, see 7. Movement Keys.


The following example creates four movement hotkeys that control two characters:

<MakeLabel joe local SendWin game1>
<MakeLabel sam SendWin game1>

<MovementHotkey w, a, s, d>
<SendLabel sam, joe>
<Key %Trigger%>

The following example creates one movement hotkey. The trigger and output key are different:

<MakeLabel joe local SendWin game1>
<MakeLabel sam SendWin game1>

<MovementHotkey Ctrl F1>
<SendLabel sam, joe>
<Key F9>

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