Changes the size of the currently targeted window.


<SetWinSize x y [SimMouse]>


X is the horizontal size in pixels.

Y is the vertical size in pixels.

SimMouse is the optional word “SimMouse.” See remarks.


This command changes the size of the window that was targeted with TargetWin, TargetChild, SendWin, etc.

It calls the operating system command MoveWindow.

If you add the word SimMouse, HotkeyNet makes the target program think a mouse was used to set the new size. This is useful for Aion.

Note: SimMouse only works if the window has a resizing frame. If the window frame has been removed, use SetFramelessWinSizeWithSimulatedMouse.


<Hotkey F1>
    <TargetWin wow1>
    <SetWinSize 500 700>

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