Sets a hotkey’s toggle to a specified number


<SetToggle number hotkey>


Number is the toggle number.

Hotkey is the keyword and trigger that define the hotkey.


Here’s how this command is used. Suppose you’ve defined F1 as a hotkey with three toggles:

<Hotkey F1>
      <Text First thing!>
      <Text Second thing!>
      <Text Third thing!>

If you want to set that hotkey to its third toggle so it prints “Third thing!” you could make another hotkey like this:

<Hotkey F2>
   <SetToggle 3 Hotkey F1>


You can only set the toggle of one hotkey at a time. For example, the following won’t work because it tries to set multiple hotkeys:

<SetToggle 3 Hotkey A-Z> // DOOESN'T WORK

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