Sets a hotkey’s toggle to a random number and triggers the hotkey.


<DoRandomToggle hotkey>


Hotkey is the keyword and trigger that define the hotkey. See below for examples.


You must specify one particular hotkey with this command. You can’t specify a range of triggers. For example, suppose you wanted to randomize toggles for this hotkey:

<Hotkey F1>

you’d do it this way:

<DoRandomToggle Hotkey F1>

For this hotkey:

<HotkeyUp Shift Alt X>

you’d write this:

<DoRandomToggle HotkeyUp Shift Alt X>

But this definition:

<Hotkey A-Z>

can’t be randomized because it refers to 26 separate hotkeys.


Suppose you want to talk to yourself and say random things. First make a hotkey with toggles that contain your words of wisdom:

<Hotkey F1>
      <Text Hi Mr. K>
      <Text Nice day, huh?>
      <Text If it quacks like a duck...>
      <Text's probably a giraffe.>
      <Text Don't take any wooden nickels.>
      <Text Full speed ahead.>
      <Text It's later than you think.>

To avoid boredom you’d probably want a lot more toggles than this, but you get the idea. Now make a second hotkey that executes a random Toggle from the first hotkey:

<Hotkey Ctrl T>
   <DoRandomToggle Hotkey F1>

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